At Rocky Mountain Plumbing, we know that boilers are indispensable during the coldest months of the year. Most owners have no idea if their boilers are working efficiently, if they need boiler maintenance, if they need boiler repair, or if they need boiler installation to replace a boiler. It’s a fact that boilers need servicing every once in a while and even though it may seem unnecessary, it is still crucial to have them checked out every few years to ensure they’re in good working order, as is recommended by several Government bodies.

If you’re using a radiator heating system, a Rocky Mountain Plumbing boiler technician will keep it working smoothly with complete boiler care service. Our boiler technicians can repair any make or model of boiler, and provide boiler maintenance services to keep your system working at peak efficiency. We provide commercial boiler services to businesses in Calgary, Canmore and Rocky View County Areas.

Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are still very common in Calgary, Canmore and Rocky View County Areas as they have kept homes warm for years. Although they’re very efficient and work well, they can be quite dangerous when they break down. If your gas boiler breaks down it important to contact Rocky Mountain Plumbing boiler technician for boiler repair services and never attempt to repair it on your own. We recommend to first turn off the source of gas. If you leave it on, chances are that there will be worse consequences than the boiler simply not working. Once our technician has assessed the situation they will recommend whether the gas boiler can be repaired or if you need new boiler installation services.

The Right Boiler Contractor

Always make sure that the specialist you are about to hire is licensed and highly qualified for the job. All of our boiler technicians have years of experience with boiler installation and repairs.

  • Screen their past experience to determine how skillful they are.
  • Check for opinions of friends or acquaintances if they have had their own experience with hiring them.
  • Check for reviews online about their services for boiler repair.

Our entire Rocky Mountain Plumbing team is professional, licensed and experienced with boiler installation, boiler repair, and gas boiler maintenance.

We Serve Calgary, Canmore and Rocky View County Areas

Rocky Mountain Plumbing provides boiler installation and maintenance services to all residents and businesses in Calgary, Canmore and Rocky View County Areas.

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